Nigerian music has been at the forefront in African music space in recent years, Afrobeats has attracted attention of the world to its culture. However, while Nigerian music is enjoying significant amounts of attention in and out of African borders, Nigerian Hip Hop music seems to be finding it hard to catch up with the pace.

Nigeria is a country blessed with huge amounts of music talents ranging in different genres, with some of them putting efforts to keep rap music alive in Nigeria. Davizzy Billz, a rap artiste who just released his Rap EP “Before We Proceed” has put himself on a quest to salvage what’s left of Hip Hop in Nigeria. While rappers are dwelling into singing for commercial success, Davizzy Billz is staying true to what he has passion for and make a career out of it.

Davizzy Billz originated from Enugu state, he grew up in Ojo, Lagos and he attended Federal Polytechnic, Auchi. His passion for music started at an early age and it has grown to a level it needs the world to feel it. He began his musical journey first as a producer before discovering his true passion for rap music. He is currently on a path to forge a new sound for the hip hop community in Nigeria. Davizzy Billz’ name is no stranger to some established Nigerian artistes, he’s been friends with Victor AD and also been around some Nigeria rap artistes.

Davizzy Billz’ newly released EP “Before We Proceed” is a project that Nigerians will find appealing and breathe new life into Hip Hop music in Nigeria. The EP is an 8-track project with guest appearances from BadBoy Merly, ItsMitz, D3LE, Prebane, Capt.Dyse and JED.

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It’s understandable that Nigerian rappers like Blaqbonez, Ladipoe and Psycho YP have been shouldering Hip Hop music in Nigeria for a while now, with Davizzy Billz pushing to join the force “Before We Proceed” EP, it’s safe to say there is hope for Hip Hop music in Nigeria.

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