Music for many people is a form of entertainment, but for Nigerians it’s the happy place used to get away from what life throw at us. This is the driving force behind Nigerians love for good music, in doing so keeps Nigerian artistes on their toes to dish out good music. Afrobeats has become the focal point of African music, it’s becoming a culture people are starting to embrace with open arms. With the spotlight on Nigerian artistes, the demand for good delivery in the studio and on stage has risen to higher level. However, Nigeria is blessed with more than enough talents to meet the demands and one of the emerging artistes rising up to the occasion is St. Seii who is poised to contribute his quota to the propagation of Afrobeats music. 

Nigerian singer, St. Seii, formerly known as $ENSEII is inspired by and hones his music skills in afrobeats, rap, reggae, trap music, and a fusion of other genres. To keep up with the volatility of Nigeria music industry, as an artiste you’ve got to be versatile and St. Seii’s music range knows no bounds. He polished his music skills by making song covers, which started in 2017. 

St. Seii released his debut single “My Way” in March 2020 as an independent artiste, the song was met with critical acclaim, the reception was quite impressive for a debut single and it was widely commended by many for its relatability and uniqueness.

Having done covers of songs which were exclusively released on Audiomack and Soundcloud, he followed them up with a song “Ja Ara” and “20-10-20” freestyle released in 2020 as his contribution to the “#ENDSARS” movement that happened in 2020. This gesture earned him more listeners, expanded his reach and increased his audience across the country.  

As an artiste, you are your number 1 support system, believing in yourself will ease the journey for you. St. Seii in his words said “I like to see myself as the next big thing, it will only take small amount of time for the nonbelievers to see it”. 

Following the success St. Seii had in 2020, he subsequently released his debut EP Vibes From Senseiin January 2021 which was met with wild reception across the country. “Wangele”, a track from the EP went viral and attracted the attention of good music lovers nationwide. 

Nigerian music is gaining momentum day by day on global scene, seeing every generation of Nigerian artistes being involved in the success coming our way should be a motivation for St. Seii, he should know the possibility of reaching that level is not far fetched, with hardwork and consistency, he is bound to take on the world like his predecessors. 

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