All it takes is a proper knowledge of the evolving standards in the Nigerian industry and the ability to pay attention to disect a musical project to know if there has been a drop off somewhere in the quality of albums or extended playlists that Nigerian artistes put out. Nigerian music continues to expand itself over the shores of the country and even transcend to other continents where they stake claims on the biggest charts globally. One would expect that as our music continues to scale greater heights internationally, the local projects would follow similar pattern, but unfortunately,it’s not to be.

In 2022, so many bodies of work have dropped so far, but it’s only a few that have had a meaningful appeal to listeners. A lot of factors has been responsible for the diminishing quality of Nigerian projects but it remains inconclusive. Some projects have been affected by the lack of a proper creative direction as well as inordinate roll out plans. Although, one must also know that standards have increased massively since the beginning of this decade. If we are so conversant with the happenings in the industry, it is easy to know that the exploits that projects such as “Twice as Tall”, “African Giant” and especially “Made In Lagos” did internationally raised the bar significantly for what isconsidered a successful album locally.

Made in Lagos by Wizkid

Wizkid – Made In Lagos

Burna Boy – African Giant

Burna Boy – Twice As Tall

The third quarter of 2020 was blessed with albums that had fruitful and meaningful impacts on the long established phrase “Afrobeats to the World”. Since then, only few albums have come to truly stamp their authority by dominating charts and continue to generate talks around it online. Now, I’m not implying that the success of a project is only based on charts and trends, but it is more of that, coupled with the replay value, the satisfaction, the awards it receives and overall perception of the people concerning the body of work. The aforementioned projects had all of the above and serves as a yardstick other body of works are judged with currently.

Although, it must be noted that attention span of music listeners continues to reduce by the day, and the easiness to shuffle among different alternatives has not helped matters. It remains inconclusive whether this is due to many projects released in short time or the projects do not have the replay value that those aforementioned projects possess. 

We all have our favorite picks of projects this year that have been on constant rotations. Personally, this writer only holds five projects released this year to high standards. They include; Rema’s “Rave and Roses“, BOJ’s “Gbagada Express”, Asa’s “V“, Wurld’s “My WorlD With U” and Obongjayar’s “Some Nights I Dream of Doors”. Other notable mentions are Terri’s “In Transit” and Adekunle Gold’s “Catch Me If You Can“. My own list might not necessarily be similar to yours as we all have our preferences. We hate to admit it, but as good as our favorite projects might be to us personally, they have fallen short in some sections to be called a successful project. Some of them have dropped drastically on charts and talks about them wane daily. 

So as we move into the other half of the year, a lot of projects have been promised to be released before the year runs out by top artistes including Fireboy, Omah Lay, Olamide and more. We hope to have more albums that come close or even surpass the exploits made by “Made In Lagos” and the likes mentioned above.  Although it is not an easy feat, but it is possible.

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